Hello, I’m a visual designer for hire based in Oakland, California
When I was young, I’d spend hours laying on the living room carpet in front of my dad’s monstrous hi-fi stereo system, lost in his vast record collection. It was there that I fell in love with album artwork as much as the music inside. Years later, when it came time to get a real job after a long stint as a rock musician, pursuing graphic design felt as natural to me as strapping on a guitar.

Over the last four years I’ve created beautiful logos, websites, custom event posters, cd covers, etc., for many local businesses, talented musicians and artists. Currently I’m seeking employment with a company where I can utilize my talents and grow my skill set.  I’m a perfectionist at heart and
approach every project, big or small, with a personal credo to strive for the highest level of quality and consistency possible.

My education includes The San Francisco Art Institute, City College of San Francisco and Sessions Online School of Design, but most beneficial to my education were the countless hours I’ve spent deep in design programs, with my nose in manuals and design books. It’s a practice I still continue.

I live in Oakland, CA with my lovely wife, Ruth, and two daughters – Ruby and Lucy. When I’m not designing, I’m usually changing diapers, picking up toys, or cleaning spilled food off the carpet.

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